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Sales Tracking Calendar by PipelinePro (Free) app for iPhone and iPad

4.2 ( 6992 ratings )
Business Productivity
Developer: Elizabeth Oliveto
Current version: 3.2, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 14 Apr 2013
App size: 6.06 Mb

Tracks Sales, Appointments, Follow-Ups & Referrals, Cold Calls, Sales Objectives & Sales Goals, Pipeline Report, Closing Ratios, Average Sale and automatically creates a Weekly Sales Plan to follow in order to hit your Sales Objectives!

-No Hidden Download or Subscription Fees. No In-App Purchases, No Ads-
-You must have an email account active on your phone in order to use email features-

How does it work?

Sales Tracking Calendar is the only daily planner and sales tracker that prompts you after your appointment to enter the RESULTS of that sales appointment - that makes this app the best scheduling and reporting system for Salespeople on the market!

1. Set up a Sales Objective (or Sales Goal) to track.

2. Start scheduling and entering Appointments, Follow-Ups and Referrals just like you would in an Appointment Book or Business Calendar.

*Everyone that you have scheduled an appointment, follow up or referral with will stay saved in the Contacts section!*

3. At the end of each day click the “EOD” (End Of Day) button and enter how many Cold Calls you made that day and how many new Appointments you set that day.

4. After your Appointments the app will prompt you for the results in the Post Appointment menu with a Red Reminder Dot on the event entry:
*Sale Closed (enter sale amount for average sale tracking) or
*Not Interested (Will Remove Account from Pipeline Report)
*Follow Up Needed (enter the follow up day and time and it will automatically be scheduled for you)

5. Track and view your working accounts on your Pipeline Report - it is always 100% up to date automatically. You can email it to you and your Sales Manager with one click!

6. At the end of each week Sales Tracking Calendar uses the appointment data that you enter throughout the week to create your Performance Statistics Report and your Weekly Sales Plan - using your own activity numbers & closing ratios!
Both reports can be emailed to you AND to your Sales Manager with one quick click!

Your Sales Activity Plan will show you:
How many Cold Calls you must Make next week
How many Appointments you must Set next week
How many Appointments you must Hold next week and
How many Sales you must Close next week in order to hit your Sales Objectives on time.

“Congratulations in designing a Day/Week planner that is so well suited for the Sales Industry. I have been in the sales industry for over forty years and I have never seen a better planner for a sales executive. Sales is a numbers/talent = results profession. A sales professional that uses your product faithfully will not fail unless they want to.”
- Martin Johnson, DSM Sacramento, Yellow Pages

At Get Set Go Sell we love Salespeople and we work to build PipelinePro appointment scheduling products to help Salespeople excel in today’s challenging market.

The Sales Tracking Calendar App is brand new and we want you to love it. We would love your feedback on what you would like to see added to the app in the future as well - please email us at: If you run into any bugs or need help with the app, please email us at: and we will get in touch with you quickly or call us direct at 805-276-6595!

If you love the Sales Tracking Calendar App please give us some great feedback on iTunes so that other Salespeople can see that they will love app to. Dont forget to tell your Sales Managers and Co-Workers about us to! Happy Selling!!

Are you looking to build your own app? Get in touch with our absolutely amazing app developer – Deepak Seth at Ecsion! If you are thinking about developing your own app you absolutely must contact Deekpak first. We are so happy to have found him and we could not have made such an amazing app without his immense vision and skill!
His contact info:

Deepak Seth at Ecsion Inc.
office: 609-945-1627
cell: 732-789-5007